These Saving Grace dogs were rescued from chains right here in this area. You can read more about them here.


Did you know that Texas has laws regulating chaining and restraint of dogs? To review Texas law regarding restraint click here. Check out the following organizations for further information on the effects of chaining:



June was rescued from a chain in Lubbock. When we pulled her from the local shelter, recently rescued, she had open wounds along the entire length of her back. June had lived life on a chain and been used for breeding. The heat of the chain, being warmed by the hot sun, and weight of the chain rubbing back and forth across her skin caused burns and left open wounds. Imagine the pain of having June's wounds on your body and having an object continuing to rub against your burned skin. This was her reality. With care and treatment June recovered from her injuries. She still has spots along her back that are missing hair, but she is healthy and in good spirits. We have rescued many of the dogs we currently have from chains. June is just one of thousands of dogs kept on a chain to live a life of loneliness and pain. Improper restraint of a dog is dangerous and can cause serious injury and, often times, death.

meet June...

  • A chained dog is isolated from human interaction
  • A chained dog has to endure harsh weather conditions likely without shelter
  • A chained dog becomes neurotic, aggressive, anxious, and suffers psychological damage
  • A chained dog is left exposed to potential attacks by other dogs
  • A chained dog is vulnerable to teasing and/or torture by people passing by
  • A chained dog can become tangled and strangle or hang themselves
  • A chained dog is left with painful wounds around his/her neck and at risk of the chain becoming imbedded in their neck