Brownie came to Saving Grace in October 2018, but he has been on our hearts since May 2018.  We were contacted by someone concerned about Brownie and his sibling, as well as two other dogs.  Their owners were not giving them proper care, so we offered to at least vaccinate and deworm them.  Unfortunately, his brother passed away due to Parvo.  His owners moved and took the other dogs, leaving Brownie behind.  He had a place to live for a while, but ended up needing our help again, so now he is safe with us.

As of October, Brownie is probably around 8-10 months old.  He is terrified and confused after all he has been through, but he is gaining confidence with us.  He is very sweet and loving.  His BFF at the kennels is Bessie.  They play together very well.  He is working on leash training and basic obedience.  He has lived in a home, so house training should not be difficult.  He is a pretty calm guy, but we will probably see more personality come out of him as time goes on. He is most confident when he's with other dogs. Contact us if you are interested in meeting Brownie.