Chipotle came to Saving Grace in February 2018.  He was adopted to a truck driver from the Dallas Animal Shelter & then dumped a few days later at Lubbock Animal Services, at no fault of his own. As of November 2018, he is now in a great foster home!

Are you quirky & a little bit weird? Sometimes super social & sometimes want to stay home under the covers? Chipotle is perfect for you! Being honest, Chip is a bit of a jerk, but he’s an endearing sort of jerk that makes you belly laugh daily & forgive his shortcomings. He’s tiny(7lbs), but he thinks he is huge! His favorite friends in his foster home are big pitties. He bosses them around & plays rough & loves every second of snuggling with his giant buds. Chip can be standoffish, but just like the quiet guy you had a crush on in 7th grade, he has deep thoughts & brooding emotions you will swoon over. They might be deep thoughts about bacon & brooding emotions about not getting his spoiled way, but they are big feelings!

Chip is crate trained & does well with potty training. He sleeps under the covers & promises not to bite toes. He loves toys & new friends, he gets zoomies daily & sprints around like a disoriented gazelle. He’s impossible not to fall for! Contact us if you would like to meet him.