Dexter was found with his brother Rowdy in a field behind Estacado High School in August 2019. They were both thin, hungry and scared. He had a rough start but has grown so much since then. Dexter is around 6 months old (as of December 2019. The veterinarian believes he maybe part Great Dane, part hound dog. So he is going to be a BIG boy! 

Unlike his brother, Dexter has a very calm demeanor. Dexter prefers to cuddle up next to whomever will pet him and just be.  As soon as you start petting him, he starts melting into you. Now don’t get me wrong, Dexter likes to play outside now and then or take a nice stroll but he prefers the easy life.

Dexter also really likes helping with laundry. He is an expert sock hunter. If you have been missing a sock for a few days, enroll Dexter to help. He will find that missing sock in minutes. He also enjoys “keeping the laundry warm” and “sorting the laundry”. 

Like his brother he gets along with dogs his size but prefers his space. He’s more of an introvert and likes time to unwind. He is kennel trained as well and will sleep through the night as long as you remember to take him out before bedtime. He walks well on leash and knows sit, is working on stay, down and go to bed. He is pretty calm, doesn’t jump a whole lot and overall has pretty good manners. 

Dexter is a sweet boy that is looking to be loved on and somewhere to call his very own.​Contact us if you would like to meet him.