Doofy is one of a kind. He was found wandering (er, wreaking havoc) on the streets. Doofy was not in horrible shape. It appeared someone had taken good physical care of him. He and his presumed mother (Tagalong) were never claimed. Doofy is doofy in every way; his faces, his personality, his interactions with others. He is one of the most endearing pups at our rescue! Doofy is young; probably about two years old. Though he didn't suffer physical pain prior to being rescued, it was apparent Doofy craved human affection. We don't doubt that Doofy didn't get much positive attention.

Doofy is crate trained and does not get along well with other dogs. He likes to be the boss! Doofy tries so hard to please. He has the energy of a puppy, but is learning good and appropriate outlets for fun! Doofy loves the chase water spraying out of the hose more than he loves life. Another hobby of Doofy's is chasing apples that fall from his very own apple tree. Doofy is very vocal and expressive. He is a sweet pup who needs someone to show him the ropes of life. He wants a family to love on him forever.

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