Pit Bull Rescue Central has excellent information and education about Pit Bulls. Check it out!

Shelter dog reality

Information about the life of a dog who lives in a shelter

Responsible pit bull ownership

Suggestions for appropriate ownership of Pit Bulls

Make a difference

Information about becoming involved in rescue and advocating for Pit Bulls

Importance of SPAY/NEUTER

Information about importance of spay/neuter and overpopulation

Breed Specific Legislation

Information about the ineffectiveness of BSL


Information on media bias and how media has impacted rescue, adoption, programs and law

Pit Bull adoption reality

Information on the difficulty of Pit Bull adoption and overpopulation


Information on dangers of chaining and suggestions for alternative solutions

People vs. dog aggression

Information for understanding the difference between people and dog aggression and why this is important!



Paws & Think: Education

True to our slogan, "education inspires hope", one of the primary goals of our organization is

education. Through our "Paws & Think" campaign we hope to provide education about issues

facing animal welfare and Pit Bulls specifically. The challenges that face Pit Bulls today are a

result of cruel people, yes, but also the result of people who are misinformed about the facts. 

We recognize that the debate surrounding this breed is intense. We do not promote hatred and

disrespect. Education through open dialogue and positive exposure in the community is our goal.

Issues surrounding these dogs are not black and white. When discussing Pit Bulls with your friends,                                           family, and leaders be respectful and present an intelligent argument based on factual information.                                     Please "Paws & Think" about how you can help dogs in your community. Please contact us with questions or concerns.