Emi came to Saving Grace in August 2018. She was left behind when her owners moved. She roamed the neighborhood and thankfully found nice people willing to feed her. She was full of milk, but puppies were never found. She was probably suffering from a false pregnancy, combined with malnutrition. She is slowly gaining weight and becoming a healthier happier dog. 

Emi is a young adult. She is in a foster home where she is completely house trained and crate trained. She can be around other dogs with proper introductions. She loves to play with Snoopy, who is a male dog her size and a match for energy.  She is able to peacefully coexist with the other dogs that are bigger, smaller, older, and she respects their boundaries. She is learning to play with toys, and loves playing with her foster mom. She loves all people and getting as much love and affection as possible. 

Emi got her name as a tribute to Suki, a beautiful soul we lost too soon. We wanted to choose another Japanese name in remembrance of Suki. Emi seems to have several variations of meanings but mostly beauty and blessing. She is definitely a beautiful blessing. 

Contact us if you’re interested in meeting Emi.