Flossy came to Saving Grace in October 2021. Someone reached out to us about a dog abandoned by the interstate. They witnessed her walk up to people changing their tire on the side of the road and they hit Flossy over the head with a tire iron. Thankfully her wounds were not severe and she’s completely healed now. Flossy was emaciated and in rough shape, but she is now healthy and gaining weight. The poor girl is the dog version of 15 kids and counting. She has a lot of extra skin from being used for breeding, but she thankfully gets to leave that life behind her now. Flossy deserves to be taken care of after years of being used as a puppy making machine. She loves all people and is quite talkative when she wants your attention. She just wants to snuggle beside you and get all the pets. Flossy has one of those personalities that everyone falls for. Everyone she meets is instantly swooning over her. She is house trained and crate trained, walks well on a leash, and is a great car ride companion. Flossy needs a home without other pets. She doesn’t mind wearing clothes and costumes, and she knows how to pose for the camera. Contact us if you’re interested in meeting this beautiful girl.