Foster Application


Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog for Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue! This questionnaire

is intended to be a guide in helping you consider all the ways in which a foster dog will

impact your daily life. The information you provide on this application will help us choose the best

possible foster match for you based on what we already know about our dogs. These questions

are not a test meant to disqualify you from consideration. We simply want to make sure you

seriously consider all aspects and responsibilities of fostering/ownership to determine that fostering

is the right decision for your family! 


Please note the following reasons your application will be automatically declined:

  • Your renter's insurance does not cover the breed. If your insurance has breed exclusions, consider switching to a company like State Farm that does not deny insurance coverage based on breed. Contact us for more information about insurance and breed discrimination.
  • Your current animals are not spayed/neutered or current on rabies and DHPP vaccinations. Exceptions may be made if your dog has a medical condition that does not allow for the above. A current titer result is acceptable in lieu of annual DHPP.
  • The dog will be an outside dog. All dogs fostered through Saving Grace are expected to live inside as a member of the family.

*Some above information taken from Pit Bull Rescue Central