Pet Adoption

Become a sponsor


Sponsoring one of our dogs is easy! The typical sponsor amount is $20/month. This can be a cash donation toward items/care of your sponsored dog OR you can pick out $20 worth of items for your dog each month on your own (rawhides, toys, special food, etc.). Your sponsored dog would also enjoy any extra time you can spend with him/her!! They would love to go on a walk with you, spend a weekend with your family, or just go to the park with you for an afternoon. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs!

Become a foster


Life in a shelter is difficult for a  dog. They become mentally overwhelmed and have very limited interaction with humans. They have often never been in a home environment so adopting a dog from this environment is hard. Dogs that are able to become accustomed to a home, human interaction, attention and training, and an abundance of love and affection, are more likely to be appealing to potential adopters. Fostering a dog offers them the chance to live a normal life and gives them a better shot at finding a forever home.


Contact us about fostering if you are interested! We can help you determine if fostering is right for you. A shelter should be the last possible resort for housing/maintaining a dog. Ideally, every rescued animal should go immediately into a foster home and begin the process of socialization in a home environment. Unfortunately, we are only able to do what resources allow. We would very much appreciate your willingness to be a foster home for one of our rescues. 

Foster Application