oUR POLICY ON FOUND DOGS, surrenders, and rehoming: PLEASE READ!

  • Saving Grace will assist with dogs at our discretion, depending on numerous factors, including our current space availability at our kennels, openings in foster homes, etc. 
  • Our first priority is dogs in dire need - meaning strays, abused, abandoned, etc., then dogs at local kill shelters. Our last priority is owner surrenders. We know life circumstances may be unpredictable and recognize that we do not know the details of every situation, but we believe an animal is a commitment for life and there are very few situations in which rehoming your pet is absolutely necessary. We can offer advice that will help you keep your pet in your home.
  • If you pull a dog from a shelter, you are responsible for the dog. Please don't assume we can assist. If we had space, we would've pulled a dog from the shelter ourselves.
  • If you choose to pick up a stray dog, you are responsible for the dog. You can contact us, but please don't assume we will be able to help. We may help at our discretion. We get countless inquiries about dogs every day that we cannot help because we are full.  If you rescue the dog, you are responsible for care and rehoming. 
  • We will provide you with the best possible suggestions for your situation, but rescuing and locating good homes for dogs is a difficult task! Please be realistic. Every rescue in Lubbock operates at full capacity at all times, and may not be able to help right away.

Thank you for understanding.

Rehoming your dog

  • Refer to information under "Found A Dog".
  • We will likely not have space at the shelter for your dog. We are willing to assist you in finding a home for your dog if we are able. Please see courtesy listing rules and requirements.
  • Please view here to understand the life of a dog who lives in a shelter. Also view Pit Bull Adoption Reality to better understand the chances of your dog finding a new home.
  • After your efforts, if you are unable to find a home for your dog, we recommend that you surrender your dog to the local animal shelter. There are numerous cruel things that your dog may experience as a stray that are worse than humane euthanasia at a shelter. Disease, cruelty, teasing, fights with other dogs, being hit by a car, slow starvation, freezing or  heat stroke from extreme temperatures are all serious obstacles facing strays. Please do not turn your dog loose thinking they have a good chance at survival.





  • The dog must be spayed/neutered and current on ALL vaccinations. Vetting is at your expense.
  • You must be available to keep the dog for an extended period. Courtesy listing is not for someone who needs to rehome a dog in 2-3 days.
  • Saving Grace will not be responsible for the dog at whatever point you decide you cannot keep him/her.
  • You must provide us with one good photo and a summary of everything  you know about the dog. (Where he/she was found, condition on finding, characteristics/temperament, etc.)
  • Dog will be listed on our adoption sites and allowed space at our adoption venues at our discretion.
  • You may use our adoption application as a tool to screen potential adopters. We will forward any submitted applications to you. Placement of your dog is at your discretion. 
  • Consider doing the following when screening an applicant: conduct a phone interview and home visit/check to ensure the dog is placed in a loving and safe home. 

found a dog

  • Understand that most shelters/rescues are completely full. In particular, space is limited in Texas and across the nation for Pit Bulls. The chance that a Pit Bull for adoption will find a forever home is roughly 1 in 600. The best chance for a found dog is living in a foster home with you (we do not have foster homes available at this time) until a home becomes available through your efforts as described below.
  • Post a FOUND dog ad on Craigslist, lubbockonline.com, and wantads4u.com. Lost and found ads are typically free. On Facebook, Lubbock Area Pets and Lubbock Lost and Found Pets are great as well. Check LOST ads to see if someone is looking for the dog. We recommend that you provide very little information so the person claiming the dog has to provide identifying characteristics (gender, collar, color, etc.). You can confirm the correct owner is claiming the dog this way. Place FOUND posters around area where dog was found. Take the dog to a vet clinic or animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip. A microchip is a permanent form of identification located between the dog's shoulder blades.
  • Contact the Lubbock Animal Shelter at (806) 775-2057 to report your found dog. 
  • Post new ads on Craigslist, lubbockonline.com, and wantads4u every 3 days. Before placing a dog in a home, it is your responsibility to ensure the dog has good/stable temperament around people of all ages. People-aggression is not a typical trait in this breed. Dog aggression is a common trait that we encounter and can be managed in the proper household. Click here for guidelines on temperament testing provided by Pit Bull Rescue Central. Avoid same-sex pairings. Please contact us if you need help screening potential adopters.
  • After you have made attempts as recommended above, you may contact us to see if we have an opening for your dog. If we do not have space, we may be able to list your dog as a courtesy listing on our website and adoption sites. Please read courtesy listing rules.
  • A shelter should be the last possible resort for a dog. Shelter life is very difficult. Please read here to understand what your dog will experience living in a shelter.
  • NEVER run an ad listing a dog as "free to good home" Many people look for dogs to abuse, breed, etc. Listing a dog as free is a great way to draw the attention of people with cruel intentions.