We had Bullie for years. He captured everyone's hearts with his completely unique personality and unparalleled goofiness. Bullie ended up in the home of a volunteer. This pair of boys couldn't be more perfect for each other. We are ecstatic!


Coal wasn't with us for long before a volunteer fell in love with him. Coal had lived on a chain and was insecure in a lot of ways. He was lucky to have caught the eye of the volunteer who took him home and helped him grow into the best he could be.


When we found Milo he had been hit by a car and had a broken hip. A small neighborhood of kind people had been feeding him. He required surgery, but recovered quickly! A special volunteer spent countless hours prepping Milo for a forever home and he found one!


Our sweet Sophie was old when we pulled her from the city shelter. She had some severe infections including one in her mouth and her sinuses. Most of her teeth had to be removed. Sophie was spoiled right from the start in her foster home...and nothing has changed!!


We found Gemma out in the cold with her 3 day old puppies. They were abandoned. The puppies found homes quickly, but Gemma unfairly waited and waited. Finally one of our long time volunteers took her home. She now spends her days with a real family!


Chicle was barely approachable when he was brought to us. He was thin. He cowered in the corner and shook like a leaf from fear. With a LOT of work, Chicle became a confident pup with the most precious soul his foster ever met. He found the perfect home.

slim jim

Slim Jim was not slim when we found him. He was at a shelter in really poor condition; emaciated, with heartworm, and with tick diseases. Slim is one of our favorite rescues. He found a home in his old age where he won't ever have to remember not being loved. 


When Adam was found, he was in horrible shape, malnourished, afraid, full of porcupine quills, and in desperate need of TLC. Adam's foster was the best thing that ever happened to him. She invested in him and loved him. She just couldn't let him go!


Lucky was lucky...that he was rescued from a short chain in a home where people were starving him. He waited for MANY long years and watched as other dogs left, but he remained. Lucky got lucky a second time around due to some awesome volunteers!!!

Mr. darcy 

Mr. Darcy, now known as Maverick, was only with us for 3 short weeks! After wandering into one of our homes as a stray and only going to adoption events 1 TIME he found love with an amazing family. Maverick doesn't have to worry about being on his own again.


Our precious Luna waited for a home forever. Her spirit was broken more and more over the years the longer she remained in the kennel. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect family to scoop her up. She now enjoys life with a little family.


Our sweet Brittany waited in the kennel for longer than most; about 7 years. She is very dog aggressive and no home was readily available for her. We were thrilled when the most amazing, loving family popped up out of nowhere. Now she is in peace. 


Scarlet is the luckiest girl on the planet. She was taken from a bad situation, had a slew of health problems, and landed in a foster home...with one of us. When it came down to it, Laci couldn't let her go.


Ciasus had been with us for several years. We watched him become more confident and warm up to our volunteers. We knew a home wasn't too far away. A nice man who owned Chows his whole life fell in love at first sight. The rest is history!


Thumper was abandoned by her family. They left her for days without food and water in the yard on a chain. Thumper quickly stole everyone's hearts! We were thrilled to find her an amazing home where she is loved and spends her days with a chocolate lab named Sam!


Walker was into his golden years and we thought he would live the rest of his life in the kennel he had known for so long. We were wrong! The perfect person saw the goofiness and joy in Walker that we knew was there. We couldn't be happier for this boy.


Cane was found by a farmer years ago emaciated and near death. He waited and waited for a home. While he was with us he developed an autoimmune disease that began attacking his eyes. We wanted nothing more than a safe home for him!! We found it!


Flori was already old when the sheriff's department found her beat up, hungry body at the water plant and reached out to us. We wanted nothing but the best for her golden years...and she found it! She now lives with a pug and two cats. 


Opie was adopted twice and returned twice, both no fault of his own. We were so lucky that he found his forever home with a Saving Grace supporter who just happened to have adopted one of Opie's littermates! He is so lucky!


Keuky was found shot and required an amputation. We couldn't be more happy that after experiencing human cruelty and 5 long years of living at the kennel, Keuky now spends his days lounging on a big bed with both human and Yorkie companions!

tequila rose

Tequila Rose is another Saving Grace Chihuahua who found a loving forever home! Tequila is thrilled to have a human companion at her side as she tackles whatever life throws at her!


Rascal is a super spirited dog who stumbled onto our paths and into our hearts. He waited long enough for a home where he would be cherished for being fun and goofy. He finally found happily ever after. We couldn't be more grateful for his fresh start!


Yoda was found chained to post in the country. Luckily some land surveyors found her and notified us. She had been in the hot sun without food or water for 3 long days. Following 5-6 years at the kennel, Yoda's soulmate finally arrived. She now lives a spoiled life.

richard wayne

Richard Wayne was found in deplorable conditions, emaciated, chained, and with pressure ulcers. He was with us for about a year when the perfect home came along. His new owner adores him and is super dedicated to his happiness and well-being!


Abe was adopted at the ripe old age of 17. He waited for years and years without any chance at a home. Finally, one of us took him home to live out his years on a cozy bed in peace and relaxation. Abe has always had a special place in our hearts.


Turkey was found by the side of the road standing vigil over his dead companion who was hit by a car. Turkey has seen and experienced a lot. He was very shy and nervous initially, but soon came out of his shell. He found forever with an awesome family!


Powder was found as a stray when he was a pup. He was adopted into a home, but his owner moved and left him behind! He was depressed. His goofy, but easy going personality quickly made someone else fall for him. He is happy living his forever!


Sally was with us for about 9 years! Her forever finally came. One of our best volunteers and supporters wanted to give this old lady the best last years of her life in a loving home. Sally's story is one of the best. We love that she was finally found by someone. 


Rosie was found as a stray. She was in rough shape with heartworm, a tick disease, an old fracture, and a torn meniscus. She found a great home and now enjoys constant belly rubs from her new forever family. She is a lucky girl!


Vi was an owner release to us. She was a huge joy to have at the kennel for the short time she was with us. Vi found a home where she gets to be the only dog being loved on all the time! She is one lucky girl and we are thrilled for her!


Clifford had a sad start. He was "rescued" by someone who didn't provide great care for him afterall. Clifford became notorious for his underbite. Not long after rescue he found a loving and special forever home where he fits right in!


Pink was found hit on the loop. She had a broken leg and required surgery. Her nails were painted pink, but nobody ever claimed her. Pink found her forever after years! She spends her days with her new mom and doggie friend Louie. 


Della was saved from the animal shelter. She is a beautiful soul and we knew she would quickly find a home. She now gets to enjoy life running around with kids and being part of a family once again. 


Velveeta is a puppy with a ton of spirit. She charmed everyone she encountered and it worked in her favor one day at PetSmart. She went home to be part of special family forever! We are happy for her!


Fresca was caught by several animal control officers after months of running. When a walker came for the very first time, he made an instant connection with her and wanted to immediately take her home forever. Best story ever!


Vinny came to us found in the country as a stray. He was the best cuddlebug we have ever had! Handsome Vinny caught the eye of a sweet girl who fell in love with him. She took him home and the rest is history!


Ruthie was found abandoned and scared. Ruthie was very introverted and nervous around people initially. Her cute face captured the attention of someone who now provides her with a loving home. Ruthie gets a happy ending!


Pickle was found as a small pup. He survived puppy strangles and waited and waited for a home for several years. Pickle was always overlooked. Luckily, a couple came to walk dogs and immediately knew he belonged with them! He found his forever.


Snoopy was abandoned in a back yard. He survived by eating cactus & he was covered in ticks. He found a forever home with his foster mom. He is now a blessing to Saving Grace due to his wonderful temperament allowing him to play with most of the kennel dogs.


Kitty, formerly Homeless, found her special forever with a firefighter and his family. She now gets to spend her days dressed up in a pink tutu and hanging out at the fire station with her dad. We are so happy for her!


Marco was taken from the city shelter. He did not feel good for a while. A volunteer spent some time with him and fell in love. Marco loves to lounge in the sun. He now enjoys his new forever home with a feline friend.


Kobe is Cora's (above) brother. He waited a long time but eventually found a safe and loving home. Kobe has some special needs and his new family is prepared to give him lots of TLC. He deserved a happy ending!


This big Akita escaped capture for almost a year. Once in the care of Saving Grace, it took her a while to trust people.  Laci decided to try bringing her home, and after some trial and error, Asia now loves being a spoiled domesticated dog.

tank 2

Tank 2 came to us with his friend Roxy when his owner had to enter rehab. Roxy got adopted immediately and Tank was left behind. He started to deteriorate in the kennel environment and he found a home just in time. 


Zul was found as a stray. She was always the star of the PetSmart adoptions with her energetic and sweet personality. Her time in the kiss-a-pit booth caught someone's attention and she now has a forever home!


Cora came to us with her siblings. A family came to the rescue with another dog in mind for adoption, but they fell in love with Cora's crazy, goofy personality! 


Adidas came to us with his friend Ava (above). He was with us a little longer than she was. He did not like life at the kennel and was super lucky when a large, energetic family fell in love with him! He now has a forever home!


Macon came from the local animal shelter. It appeared he had been attacked by another dog at some point and had some wounds. He is goofy! He was quickly adopted by a family who loved him immediately. He is now in a cozy home.


Poncho was found running loose with his (assumed) brother, Chico. Poncho was lucky to find a forever home with a great couple who is one of our wonderful volunteers.


Max was abandoned in his backyard tied to a dog house without food or water. Max was getting into his golden years and found a loving companion owner for life at 15 years of age. He is proof that it is never too late.


Hope was pulled from the city shelter because every time Jane walked by she sat up and begged. Hope was with us for over 5 years and finally found a safe home where she can live out her days.


Joshua was found in the country emaciated. When he went to the vet, we discovered he had old injuries: a pelvic fracture and femur fracture. His poor body had done the best it could to heal on its own. Now Joshua has a happy ending.


Ava was rescued from the local shelter with her friend Adidas. Ava had an ear infection and was not well cared for. She found a forever home with a great family in Denver! 


LP&L (Elpie) was rescued when we received a call from the local utility company. She had fallen into a 6 foot ditch they were digging and she was stuck. Elpie met a sweet family one day at PetSmart and found her forever home.


Java was heartworm positive when we rescued her. She is a sweet dog with an outgoing and active personality. Java found comfort in a loving home where she is appreciated for who she is.


When Hazel came to the rescue she had severe demodectic mange. Her treatment course was lengthy, but she made a comeback. Her brother, Bobble, did not live through the horror of the situation they came from. 


Prince was an owner surrender to a vet clinic in Lubbock. After failed attempts at rehoming him, the clinic requested we rescue him from having to be euthanized. He was adopted his first visit to PetSmart!


Chico was found near the 2200 block of 31st Street in Lubbock with his (assumed) brother, Poncho. Chico found a forever home and lives his days in happiness with a wonderful family.


We found Shorty as a stray. He had no identification and we could not locate his owner. A girl took Shorty home as a foster. She fell in love with him and the rest is history!


Ivy wandered into a parks recreation center and one of the employees brought her to us. Ivy was with us for a while and finally captured the heart of a family. She now enjoys time on her recliner with her new owner.


Louise was left tied to the kennel fence. Thankfully she wasn't there long until we found her. Louise found a home eventually where she is spoiled and gets to sleep on the couch.

Success stories

This page contains some of our greatest success stories. Seeing these deserving rescue dogs go to loving homes to be a special part of a family is what keeps us going!