Hazel when she was found on the side of the road.


Hazel came to Saving Grace in May 2019. She was abandoned in the summer heat on the side of the road in a crate. It was a truly heartbreaking sight. She had several wounds that we treated, as well as a misshapen head. We don’t know if it’s from an old injury, if she was born with it, or if it’s some kind of muscle degeneration. She also required lengthy treatment for a tick disease that left her skinny and weak. She was in pitiful shape.  But now she is healthy, strong, a good weight, and just an overall amazing dog.

Hazel is a truly unique soul.  We could instantly tell there was something special about this one.  If you sit on the ground with her, she will come at you like a wrecking ball of love and kisses.  Hazel is a great car ride companion, and loves a good walk or run. Once she is let loose in the play yard, her goofy run has everyone laughing. All four legs come off the ground and all go in different directions. Her joy is contagious.

We aren't sure of her exact age, but we guess that she is a young to middle age adult. She has plenty of energy, but is also content to sit by your side. She will likely do well with a dog similar in size and personality.

Hazel is so sweet and loving. She deserves a much better life than what she has endured in the past. Contact us if you are interested in meeting Hazel.