‚ÄčTony was found with another dog stuck to a tie out in a trailer park several years ago. It appeared that he had been picked on by another dog and had some scars. Tony was a little frightened in the beginning...of people and big dogs. We had to carry his little 30 pound self everywhere. He has grown into a more confident and lovable dog! In fact, Tony has wiggled his way into all of our hearts.

Tony is an adult dog. He is a mutt. Tony may be plain on the outside, but he is full of surprises on the inside. Trust us, he never disappoints. Just when you think he couldn't be more ridiculous, he does something goofy! Tony has easily become one of our faves. This dude deserves to shine. He would probably do well with another neutral female dog. He needs someone to love him and guide him to be himself. He does well on walks and in a crate. Give him a shot at forever!

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