Jolene as she was healing.


Jolene came to Saving Grace in September 2020.  She was found wandering in Tahoka, TX - hairless and covered in scabs from mange. Jolene was anemic from malnutrition and severely sunburned. We really did not think she would make it! Once we started treatment she slowly started to grow hair, wounds started to heal and she started gaining much needed weight.

Once Jolene started to become healthy again, we realized she was much younger than we originally assumed.  She is an energetic puppy who needs lots of exercise and playtime! Jolene is very food motivated, loves all people and gets along with most other animals. She loves to play tug-of-war. She can be a little rough and jumpy so caution is used when she's around small children, but all she really wants is to play!

Jolene is very cuddly and will sleep right up next to you all night long, likely very thankful to have a bed of her own. She will forever have scars and patches of missing hair but you will never be able to tell what she went through because her personality shines bright through all the wounds!

Contact us if you are interested in meeting Jolene.

Jolene when she was found.