Jolie was found May 11, 2021 in Idalou, TX. She had been shot and her entire left shoulder was an infected open wound of torn muscles and broken bones. We were unsure if her injury could be repaired, but thankfully after a few days of diligent care, the veterinarian was able to close her wound. It was a guarded prognosis, as it appeared the leg would likely need to be amputated once healed. But one month later, Jolie is using the leg the majority of the time. She limps some and will likely need joint supplements or medication throughout her life, but we are so happy she has improved to this level! She is able to go for walks, play in the yard, splash in the pool, and roll in the grass. She is a happy joyful girl in spite of all she’s been through. She is likely around 2-5 years old. She would likely do best with dogs her size. She loves all people and seems to be house trained. Contact us if you're interested in meeting Jolie.