June lived her life on a chain until she was rescued by the local municipal shelter in 2012. June had clearly been used for breeding. The chain she was bound by, hot from the sun, rubbed back and forth across her back and left serious burns on her already exposed skin. June was thin and malnourished. Her ears were cropped improperly; cut into the cartilage, likely without anesthesia or medication. It had to be a very painful experience. June was also very sick with distemper. Saving Grace could not say no to helping June experience a life of kindness and compassion. For a period of time, June was hanging on by a thread, and we were not sure she would survive. June is super resilient. She had a difficult recovery, but is now a healthy and happy girl. June has a couple of bald patches on her back where she is still missing hair and she will never get her precious Pittie ears back!

June is getting into her golden years, but still enjoys rolling in the grass and going for walks, just shorter distances these days.  She is very intelligent and has learned basic obedience during her time with us. She can sit and lay down for a treat. June especially loves her toys. Pulling the stuffing from a toy is her greatest joy in life! June is very sweet and loving with people, but needs a home with no other animals.  

June would love to find her way into your home and heart.

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