Melon came to Saving Grave in February 2019 with his brothers and mom, Lemon. He was only a couple months old, so he has grown up with us. As of November 2019, he’s in a wonderful foster home. He is the best companion for other dogs! While he may not be the brightest, he is certainly the sweetest! He is still very shy, but he is learning a house pupper routine and doing very well. He is now crate trained and working hard on potty training. Melon isn’t one for snuggle and pets, unless you’re cuddled up in bed, then he loves ear rubs and scritches. With other pups is where Melon really shines. He views every new dog as a best friend and loves to play and snuggle. He’s gentle and caring and understands when his big puppy self may be too much, so he settles to avoid conflict. Melon is curious and silly and a real charmer once you get past his shy guy exterior, which is easily broken down with treats. Contact us if you are interested in meeting Melon.