Liberty came to Saving Grace in July 2019.  She came from Lubbock Animal Services and thankfully went directly into a short term foster home for a month. She is now in need of a new foster home, at no fault of her own. 

Her former foster parents provided this information on her: Liberty is not your average shelter dog; other than the fact she will love you fiercely. She loves to lounge around with people and animals. She is fully house trained and has great manners inside. She knows basic commends and gives the best hugs and kisses. She is a lazy girl until you let her know it’s time to play. She will be shy until she warms up to you then you can’t get her to leave your side. And if you really want her to love you fast, get her a laser pointer and you will have a new best friend forever. 

Liberty previously lived with a female lab and a cat, and did great with them. She is scared and sad now that she is back in a kennel environment instead of a home.  She would greatly benefit from a foster home.  Contact us to meet Liberty.