Mae came to Saving Grace in July 2021. She was found wandering alone with a worn down chain around her neck. She had likely pulled against the links for so long that they finally broke. She has scarring on her neck and back from life on a chain. Mae was clearly used for breeding and not cared for at all. She was anemic and sick with a tick disease. Her sad pitiful eyes told us she felt miserable. But now that her sad story is out of the way, it’s time to move on to her bright future ahead. Despite what Mae has endured, she is still a gentle loving creature that just wants affection. She is finally feeling better and we get to see her sweet personality shine through. She wags her tail and does zoomies in the yard. She enjoys cheeseburgers and sausage biscuits. Mae is an adult, maybe around 5 years old or less. We aren’t sure of her breed mixture, but she’s just a beautiful mutt. For our long time followers, she looks like Cherry and has the personality of Liv. This angel of a dog deserves her happily ever after. Contact us if you are interested in meeting Mae.