Maverick came to Saving Grace in August 2019, after living at Lubbock Animal Services since March.  When he got there, he was carefree and goofy.  After months in that stressful environment, he became overwhelmed and hopeless.  Maverick is thankfully moving past this sad chapter in his life.  We now get to see his old goofy self coming through.  His silly personality has us all laughing. Maverick is a special boy with a big personality and lots of love to give.

Maverick is a young adult with puppy energy.  He loves going for walks and runs.  He has done well with the dogs we have introduced him to so far.  We are working on leash manners and basic obedience.  He loves toys and playing tug, as well as running carefree in the play yard.

Maverick deserves a happy life with people that will love him unconditionally.  Contact us if you are interested in meeting Maverick.