Momma was rescued from the CR 7250 puppy mill right here in Lubbock in June of 2011. As expected, Momma was extremely nervous and poorly socialized. It saddened us to see a dog so frightened and timid. In spite of her fear of people and new things, it was very clear that there was a sweet, curious, giving soul underneath. 

Momma is timid around new people, but approachable. She really enjoys being loved on once she gets to know you. When Momma is around other dogs she becomes more confident. She will gladly go on walks and play in the yard if she has a canine companion. Momma would love a home with another dog that would help her experience the world and come out of her shell!! 

Momma is very small, but is an adult. She has known only confinement with limited freedom. We would love to see Momma have a chance to explore new things and live a life free of fear and worry. Please give Momma a chance!

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