Olive came to Saving Grace in September 2019, after a long stressful stay at Lubbock Animal Services.  Her intake day there was 4/9/19, and she was brought in as a stray.  Once Olive came to us, we got her much needed veterinary care.  It was determined that Olive was battling Lyme Disease and roundworms, which caused her to be emaciated.  Now that she has received treatment, she is gaining weight and becoming a beautiful healthy dog.

Olive lived with other dogs at LAS and she did fine with them.  She was adopted once and didn't get along with the other dog in the household, but it was likely due to improper introductions.  We would assist in introducing her to pets in a potential adopters home.  She has done well with the dogs we have introduced her to so far.  Males similar in size and energy level are typically best for her, but she also seems to like little dogs.

The people that temporarily had her in their home said Olive did great with kids.  She has done well with all people at our kennel.  She goes on walks with men, women, kids, and hasn't had any issues.

Olive is a  young adult - probably around 2 years old.  She is a smartie and walks well on a leash.  Her long awkward legs add to her quirky silly personality.  She is a happy dog just looking for a home of her own.  Contact us if you are interested in meeting Olive.