adoption program

At the heart of what we do is rescue and adoption. We want all of the dogs we rescue to find loving                                                           forever homes. Our adoption venues include PetSmart, Tractor Supply, and other community events.                                                       Our dogs are listed on multiple pet adoption sites. We care very much about our rescues and are                                                     super invested in their happiness. We want the best for them! Visit our adoption page or available dogs page for more information. Just contact us if you have questions! 

SPay/neuter initiative through "pit stop"

Due to the overwhelming need in Lubbock, TX for population management and responsible ownership, we commit a large majority of our efforts and resources to address the need in the community. We have to rescue because of misinformation, overbreeding, irresponsibility, and cruelty. The problems can be addressed in the community in many ways through providing education and resources. 

Courtesy (listing) program

Due to limitations we cannot take every dog into our shelter and adoption programs. However, we want to help people in the community and other municipal shelters to save lives. We will courtesy list dogs on our website and adoption sites and allow them space at adoption events as part of this program. All dogs must be fully vetted to be considered for the program. For rules/qualification for the courtesy program click here.

foster program

We would love to have every one of our rescues in a foster home!! Foster homes provide much needed one-on-one interaction, socialization, adjustment to a home environment, and training more than in the kennel. If you are interested in fostering please complete an application here.



Our newsletter has the most up to date information about what is going on with our rescue and what we are doing in the community. The newsletter is available online, at the kennel, and at our PetSmart and other adoption events most Saturdays.


For the most recent newsletter click here


Upcoming events

You can check out our upcoming events here.


Saving Grace has many active programs and seeks to be involved in the community in many ways! Read about our special programs below.



paws & think

Education is very important to us because quality education can change perspectives. Many people base their opinions on media, myths, fear, and misinformation. Visit our "Paws & Think" page for more information on specific topics. We welcome inquiries regarding issues surrounding the Pit Bull debate.

We are available upon request for speaking at your events. We have had the opportunity to visit schools and provide education to youth about animal welfare. We have also had the opportunity to be involved with some nursing facilities and used our dogs for encouragement. If you have an idea for educational activities we would love to partner with your organization. Just contact us