Rona came to Saving Grace in April 2020, during the Corona/COVID pandemic - so the reasoning for her name.  She was facing euthanasia at a tiny rural shelter due to overcrowding. 

Rona is a short stocky little piglet that grunts and snorts.  She has nubs for ears because a cruel human cut off her floppy ears.  She was likely used as a puppy machine.  Rona did not have a good life before we met her, but we are determined for her life to be so much better moving forward.

Rona will likely need a home without other pets.  We are always willing to try introducing her to your dog though.  She loves all people and enjoys cuddling. She walks well on a leash and enjoys running in the yard. Rona is probably 5 years old.  She is not overly energetic or lazy - she is in the middle, which makes her adaptable to your life!  Contact us if you are interested in meeting Rona.