Rosie came to Saving Grace in September 2019.  She was abandoned on the East side of Lubbock with several cats. She was covered head to toe in mange.  She was a little untrusting of us, so we had to use a trap to safely capture her. She seemed relieved to no longer be on the run on her own. 

Rosie thankfully had a great foster home waiting for her once she was captured. She has received treatment for the mange and her hair is growing back!  Rosie is a spunky 27lb, active little dog who is great with all dogs, keeps up with large dogs no problem, and is fine with cats. Rosie absolutely loves small children and will follow them everywhere!

Rosie is currently working on house training, and doing great being taken out regularly. She sleeps in the crate overnight no issue. Stuffed toys and bones are her favorite! Living indoors is very new to her sometimes she hesitates when coming in and out but with the help of treats she's getting the hang of it. She is very happy to curl up and snuggle on the couch or the bed.​ Contact us if you are interested in meeting Rosie.