Rucker had a loving home once. We adopted him out about 4 years ago to what we thought would be a forever family. Rucker was given away and later ended up at the city animal shelter. We were so sad for Rucker that he had been taken from the comfort of his home to an uncertain and unpredictable life without stability. We could just imagine how confused and scared he must have felt. We have had Rucker back with us for several months now. Rucker is one amazing dog. There is absolutely no reason why anyone wouldn't want him!!

He is about 5-6 years old. He still has great energy though and loves to run and play in the yard with a big play group. Rucker does great with other dogs! He has helped bring shy dogs at the rescue out of their shells with his confident personality. Rucker is not Pit Bull, as you can see, and our best guess is he is some type of wire haired terrier. Rucker is crate trained and house trained. He is the perfect dog, literally!! At the end of the day, Rucker just wants to curl up in your lap. Please consider giving him a chance,

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