Special Needs Summer

Warmer temperatures have arrived, and it’s time for our Special Needs Summer! We want to dedicate these sunny months to our dogs that have greater needs than just the average four legged friend. Their needs range from general old age to life changing medical conditions. Our goal is to find sponsors for these deserving dogs! What that sponsorship looks like is really up to you, but our hope is to find people willing to support a specific dog financially (food and medical care), while also adding enrichment to their day to day life. Whether that’s toys, treats, walks, one on one time, day outings, weekend trips - or anything else you can think of that would bring joy to a shelter dog in need. Below is a list of the dogs we’re hoping to find sponsors for, and a little bit about their needs. Each dog has a unique story, and you can read about them here. Please message us if you are interested in sponsoring. Thank you!

June - This sweet senior lady has been with us since 2012. She’s around 12 years old, and would benefit from a senior food geared toward joint support. She gets daily fish oil and joint supplements. Likes: all people, car rides, walks, destroying toys, treats, pool splashing, grass rolling. Dislikes: all other animals, storms.

Cherry - Another sweet golden girl, probably around 10 years old. She was diagnosed with Diabetes in October of 2017. Her blood sugar is finally stabilized. She eats a prescription diet, and gets daily insulin injections. Likes: all people, comfy chairs, pool splashing, belly rubs, walks. Dislikes: most other animals, storms.

Brees - A shy sweetheart that has lived her entire life with us. She’s a little fearful sometimes, but responds well to your encouragement. She has kidney disease and requires a prescription diet. As her disease progresses, she might require additional veterinary care and medication. Likes: all people, walks, car rides, one on one time, cuddles, most other dogs. Dislikes: not much.

Chance - Another shy guy that needs a patient caring person. He is very sweet, and just needs time to warm up to you. He has sensitive skin that does better on a grain free diet. He could potentially benefit from allergy medication as well. Likes: walks, car rides, most female dogs his size. Dislikes: not much.