Tofu was dumped with Miso at the home of a small town veterinarian. They survived over a week in the canyons before they were finally trapped! Tofu is as sweet and snuggly as they come! He loves all people and just wants to be with them all the time! He’s an adult, around 5 years old. Tofu loves to play with toys and hang out with his person. He is crate trained, but he would much prefer to sleep in the bed with you! He currently lives with other dogs, and he can co-exist peacefully, but he doesn’t like to be bothered and doesn’t have much interest in playing with the other dogs in the home, so he would do well in a calm home or as the only dog. He does well with cats. Tofu is a talkative little guy that has a way of getting what he wants, being as cute as possible! He has a minor medical condition, a narrow trachea. It doesn’t cause him any issues currently, and keeping him at a healthy weight throughout his life will help keep it that way. Because of this he honks like a goose when he’s very excited and playful, and he must be walked on a harness to avoid pressure on his throat. Tofu is a darling little scruffle that would make almost anyone the best snuggle bud! Contact us if you’re interested in meeting Tofu.