Brees and her sister, Tosca, were found as puppies with their litter mates in a TV box in a shed in 2009. They have lived their entire lives with us, and Brees lost her sister in December 2017 due to renal failure. They were very bonded, so it broke our heart to see Brees without Tosca. Brees has the same kidney issues, but it has not progressed as quickly as it did with Tosca.  She gets regular check ups and eats a special prescription food diet. Thankfully, Brees found a wonderful foster home in September 2018. She is cautious when venturing outside of her comfort zone, but she has really come out of her shell in her foster home.  She lives with Praline, who could easily pass as her sister based on looks.  Brees will love and trust you once she feels comfortable with you. She is a little shy, but just needs someone willing to be patient with her and allow her the sweet life she deserves. She is good with most other dogs.  She is house trained and crate trained.  Contact us to meet her.