pit stop

What: FREE spay/neuter vouchers, vaccinations, and information!

When: Saturday October 22nd from 2pm-6pm

Where: Maxey Community Center

How to Get Involved: Come out and see us. Bring your puppies and young adult dogs for FREE services. Pit Stop is for Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mix dogs only. See you there!

upcoming events

ADOPTIONS: Saturdays AT different venues

Most Saturdays we are either at adoption events at PetSmart on Slide or other locations. Any of our adoption events will be announced on this page and on facebook! Spread the word and help us find homes for our precious rescues!

ongoing events

Open Volunteering at the kennel: Sundays 9:30am to 12:30pm

We are at the kennel every Sunday at the above time to walk dogs and clean. This is the best time to
volunteer. Volunteering at any other time must be scheduled. There are rare times when we are not open
for volunteers or change the scheduled time due to weather. We announce these changes through our Facebook page. Always check to make sure we will be there before you come!

Event Calendar

While we try to plan community events in advance, some of the opportunities that arise for exposure and collaboration with other agencies in the community are last minute. All events are subject to change. For the most recent announcements about what we are doing please visit our Facebook page. For information about volunteering with us for events click here. Thanks for your interest in what we do!