Pet Adoption

Visiting the kennel: what to expect

Please message us for directions. Our kennels are not located at the PO Box address on 82nd St. Walking dogs can be hard work. The area used for walking is a dirt road and open to wind and other elements. Tennis shoes are always recommended. Long pants/jeans are best as you may get scratched and jumped on. Don't wear clothes that you love! Your clothes WILL get dirty. Dress for the weather. In cold: ear muffs, jacket, gloves, toboggan, thermals, etc. In warmth: sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, etc. We have bottled water and a restroom. See you there!

Volunteering for MINORS

Unfortunately, we do not allow volunteers under the age of 18 for liability reasons. Thanks so much for your understanding. Please contact us if you have questions!

Volunteer forms

We will provide you with a volunteer packet with information about our rescue and philosophy when you come to volunteer your first time. We also request completion of a liability waiver. To get a head start you may download the file below, review and complete it, and bring it to the kennel with you. Thanks!


Volunteer Opportunities 

Saving Grace does not have paid employees, so we rely solely on volunteers for all activities: kennel

maintenance, care of dogs residing at kennel, rescue, community awareness, education, and 

fundraising/other events. We always welcome new volunteers! The best time to volunteer is Sundays from 9am to noon. Please message us for directions. Our kennels are not located at the PO Box address on 82nd St. If you want to volunteer at another time contact us to make arrangements. 

If you plan to bring a group larger than 3 people, please schedule ahead of time with us. We are a small operation and do not have the manpower to handle unscheduled large groups. Ultimately, you will have a better volunteer experience if you schedule ahead!

We are happy to help you with your community service hours. We apologize if we cannot

accommodate your schedule. We do not have the manpower and capacity to maintain a large

volunteer program at this time. Our consistent needs are the following:


  • Dog walkers: Every Sunday we are at the kennel from 9am to noon. Each dog needs regular physical exercise and human interaction.Please message us for directions. Our kennels are not located at the PO Box address on 82nd St.
  • Cleaners: We always need help cleaning/maintaining the kennel!
  • Adoption events:  We usually need help taking shifts. You must be a consistent volunteer with some experience in order to assist at adoption events.
  • Fostering: We always have a need for foster homes. Click here for the application if you are interested in being available as a foster.
  • Events: We need help organizing fundraising/community events.

Please let us know what your talents and interests are. We will try to allow you volunteer opportunities that you will enjoy based on your abilities.