Mr. Wiggles came to Saving Grace in November 2019. He is approximately 3 years old.  Wiggles lived a happy life in a home with a loving owner until recently. His owner is elderly and dealing with health issues, so she was no longer able to care for him. Wiggles is an energetic happy dog. He was burned in a fire around two years ago. He was in flames when the fire department let him out of the garage. His sensitive white skin and burn scars require some special care. No long periods in the sun and frequent baths. Wiggles would likely do well with a female dog similar in size and energy level. He loves all people. Since he previously lived in a house, crate training and house training shouldn’t be an issue for him. Wiggles deserves to go back to a happy home life where he can be loved and cared for. Contact us if you are interested in meeting Wiggles.