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pit stop: our spay/neuter initiative

There is a serious pit bull overpopulation crisis in our community. A large number of pit bulls are found as strays, relinquished, or abandoned. In 2012 Saving Grace decided to help make a difference by providing spay/neuter and other vetting assistance to pit bull owners in our community; specifically owners that cannot afford the surgery on their own. We hoped that spay/neuter  would help decrease the number of pit bulls taken into the city shelter, thereby decreasing the number of pit bulls being euthanized in Lubbock each year.

Through a grant funded initiative (Pit Stop), we have spayed/neutered over 800 dogs each year since 2012 in the city of Lubbock. We hope to continue these services. At Pit Stop we also provide education regarding spay/neuter, anti-chaining, and responsible ownership. There is still a significant need for this initiative in our community. The number of pit bulls euthanized each year at the shelter is heartbreaking. 

Pit bull approximations from the city shelter:

2011 - Intake: 2,200. Euthanized: 1,875.

2012 - Intake: 2,150. Euthanized: 1,500.

2013 -​​ Intake: 2,200. Euthanized: 1,900.

A huge thank you to our funding partners. Pit Stop would not be a success without you!