Abby roamed a neighborhood for over 5 months, eluding capture from concerned residents and animal control. She was too smart to go into traps and would run from everyone. She had a litter of puppies in the snow, and thankfully all the neighbors took in the puppies.  Unfortunately, Abby remained on the run and would cry outside the houses where her puppies lived.  It was truly heartbreaking. Thankfully one neighbor was able to gain her trust, and she is now safe with Saving Grace, as of January 2019.  Abby has come a long way already!  She is very loving with people once she gets to know you.  She adores being petted and likes to crawl up in your lap.  She is quite the talker and vocalizes her emotions a lot!  She needs a loving home that will care for her as she deserves.  She has typical little dog attitude but can peacefully coexist with a low energy dog that won't pester her.  Contact us to meet Abby.