Many years ago, Chance was running around Clapp Park for days before we were finally able to catch him! He was elusive, but in need of some stability and love. Chance has been with us for a long time and needs a home of his own!

Chance is an adult. He has a laid back manner and calm disposition. We don't know much about Chance before he came to us, but we can assume he may have suffered some maltreatment in his life. He is wary of men initially, but will warm up to you when he gets to know you. He would also do well with older children, but may be a little shy around small kids. Chance gets along great with other female dogs! He enjoys hanging out with Cherry in the play yard. In spite of his reservations, he would make an excellent companion! Please do not let his special considerations deter you. Chance deserves the absolute best home EVER! We love him very much. ‚Äč

As of June 2019, Chance is in a foster home with dogs of all sizes, ages, male and female.  He spends a lot of time in his crate, as he feels safest there.  But, he is definitely warming up to home life. He enjoys running around in the backyard and hanging out in air conditioning. He is a happy calm guy that just wants to be your companion in life. He is completely house trained and crate trained. He loves squeaky toys and peanut butter. Contact us to meet Chance.

Contact us to meet him!