Goose came to Saving Grace in December 2019.  He was found by a sheriff deputy - alone, scared, cold, and covered in stickers. He’s about 35 pounds and a young happy boy who really likes to play with his foster dog friends. He’s also an expert napper. He loves hugs and to snuggle for TV time. At night he puts himself to bed in his crate. He still pulls on a leash during walks but he’s getting better. He’s getting really consistent with sitting on command, especially for treats. He’s a little nervous about new situations, but still really curious and does great with proper introductions to situations and other animals. Goose is fostered with small and medium dogs of all ages. He’s been perfectly housetrained. Goose has not met any cats, but with proper introductions and a cool cat, he would probably be fine. Seems to love all people, adults and kids. He’s good in the car. He’s basically a perfect little boy just waiting for the perfect family.  Contact us if you are interested in meeting Goose.