organization history

2006 - Friends with a common love for Pit Bulls and concern for animal welfare saw a need in the community for breed specific rescue, resources, and education. Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue (SGPBR) was founded and assisted a handful (10-12) of dogs.

2010 - Saving Grace assisted with dogs rescued from the CR 7250 in Lubbock, TX and the Mentone, TX Puppy Mills. SGPBR received over 80 dogs from both rescues. Most dogs were adopted out. 

2011 - SGPBR became an official 501c3 tax exempt organization.

2012 - SGPBR received a grant from PetSmart Charities to provide spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchip services to Pit Bulls in the community and held the first annual "Pit Stop".

2013 - The second annual "Pit Stop" was held in October at the Mae Simmons Community Center. We had the assistance of 3 veterinarians and over 80 volunteers. Services were provided to over 200 Pit Bulls. PetSmart Charities also provided grant funding for this event.

2014 - Saving Grace began 2014 with close to 60 dogs residing at the kennel and available for adoption and received a grant from Lubbock Area Foundation to continue our spay/neuter initiative in the community. The 3rd annual "Pit Stop" was held and was successful! Saving Grace also participated in 4th on Broadway and sponsored the Pumpkin Trail this year.

2015 - Saving Grace successfully adopted out 5-6 dogs this year that had lived at the kennel for many years!! We also held another successful Pit Stop. Things just kept getting better!