pit stop 2015 

Gemma and her puppies: Spring 2014 

We received a call about Gemma. She was found in an alley and had just given birth to a litter of puppies. They were approximately 3 days old when we rescued them. Gemma was very nervous and distrustful in the beginning. She did not want us near her or her puppies. As we spent more time with her and cared for the little ones, we built a great relationship with Gemma. She is now very gentle and affectionate. She loves human attention. She is also a great momma! All puppies have been adopted except Opie. Opie deserves his happy ending!

Kiss-a-bull 2014 

Kiss-A-Bull was a success this year! Many people got good kisses and we passed out 20+ spay/neuter vouchers. A special thanks to Shami, Zul, and Kobe for giving excellent kisses and Live Oak Veterinary Hospital and PetSmart on Slide for allowing us to be there with our booth!

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