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As our vision continues to expand and evolve, we are directly involved in our community through awareness events, fundraising, education, and networking with other animal welfare groups. Check in to see what we have going on right now!

We envision a time when loving homes are in ample supply for these forgotten, abandoned, and misunderstood dogs; a time when Pit Bulls will be cherished as the loyal companions they are. Our mission is toward fulfilling this vision.

We depend on the generosity of donors who believe in our mission and support us on our journey. Our rescue is small and resources are limited, but we are determined to make an impact! There

are many ways you can help.


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We received a call a few years ago around the 4th of

July. We were prepared to relax and celebrate when

we heard the news. There was a dog that had been

found in the country. He was not just a starving stray, but

had also had a stroke of horrible luck. He had several

wounds, most notably a wound on his elbow where he

had been shot. He also had a face full of porcupine quills.

Poor Adam was super pathetic and in desperate need of

medical attention and TLC. During his recovery, he was

strong and brave! He had energy and motivation to get

back to his normal self even before we were ready for

him to! He soon enjoyed catching sunlight in the yard and

ate constantly. As you can see, Adam has made a full

recovery and is now a healthy, strong, amazing boy. He is full of energy, but calm when being loved on. He has a resilient and determined mind. He also has a soft and needy heart. This beautiful boy wants what everyone wants; to belong. Adam made friends with his kennel neighbor, Yoda, and may be friends with some dogs, but may also be selective about his circle of doggie friends! He would love new digs soon. He doesn't plan on being in the shelter forever! Share this precious dog's story. Apply to adopt him here