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A groomer/boarding kennel owner, a vet tech, and a pharmacist have joined together in the mission of rescuing and locating homes for neglected, abused, and forgotten Pit Bulls. With over 40 combined years of experience and insight into the problems surrounding this breed in the city of Lubbock, they strive to offer the best possible solutions to issues facing the dogs they rescue.

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A trio of friends with a shared passion for the marginalized...

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Our Mission

As our vision continues to expand and evolve, we are directly involved in our community through awareness events, fundraising, education, and networking with other animal welfare groups. Check in to see what we have going on right now!


We envision a time when loving homes are in ample supply for these forgotten, abandoned, and misunderstood dogs; a time when Pit Bulls will be cherished as the loyal companions they are. Our work is toward fulfilling this vision.

We depend on the generosity of donors who believe in our mission and support us in our journey. Our rescue is small and resources are limited, but we are determined to make a monumental impact in our community. There are a variety of ways you can help.


With spring around the corner, we have lots of exciting plans and events! We rely on our volunteers for help and appreciate your time and dedication in this endeavor. Let us know if you can help with upcoming events. Now that it is warm outside, we could use extra dog walkers. We are at the kennel every Sunday from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Come out and spend time with us!

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Sandy Reed

Groomer/Dog Kennel Owner

Lauren Cline


Jane Brewer

Veterinary Technician

Education and resources

a quick note from us...


Kobe came to us with his sisters who have found homes. He is still waiting! Kobe has Blue Dilution Alopecia which will likely require little maintenance throughout his life. He loves to cuddle in your lap. Give him a chance!

featured dog: kobe

To everyone around Lubbock involved in animal rescue and welfare, we appreciate your efforts and shared heart for rescue. We, like most other rescues, are at capacity. We do the best we can with the resources we have available. We understand the frustration of not being able to locate homes or sanctuary for the dogs you encounter. Please understand that we also have limitations and try to make the best possible choices for our rescue based on the needs of our current dogs and our own personal capabilities. Thank you for your understanding!