We are kicking off a campaign that will help our dogs find homes

AND reward our supporters for your dedication and help! 

Through July 31, 2015 send all potential adopters in your life our

way! For any referral that ends in adoption of one of our rescues,

Saving Grace will thank you for the referral with a $50 gift card to

the store or restaurant of your choice!

Here are the guidelines:

  • In order to receive a gift card, a dog MUST BE ADOPTED AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERRED. There may be referrals that do not end in adoption for one reason or another...maybe the dog isn't a good fit, etc. You will not receive a gift card for referrals only, even if the potential adopter goes through our adoption process, but the end result is not adoption.
  • All potential adopters must go through our standard adoption process including completing an application and a home visit, paying an adoption fee, completing a trial period, and complying with all adoption policies. Referrals are accepted through July 31, 2015. If an adoption is not yet finalized, but the referral was in place during that time frame, you will still receive credit.
  • There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can receive. If you send 2 people our way who adopt, you will receive 2 gift cards!
  • To receive credit, the potential adopter must state they were referred by you on the adoption application. 

Everyone needs to get started!! Tell family and friends. Spread the word. Help a dog and get a little extra something for you. Contact us with questions!

*Saving Grace reserves the right to place dogs in adoptive homes at our discretion. We are not obligated to approve any application, home, or adoption for any reason. 


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featured dog: ADAM

We depend on the generosity of donors who believe in our mission and support us on our journey. Our rescue is small and resources are limited, but we are determined to make an impact! There

are many ways you can help.


We envision a time when loving homes are in ample supply for these forgotten, abandoned, and misunderstood dogs; a time when Pit Bulls will be cherished as the loyal companions they are. Our mission is toward fulfilling this vision.

As our vision continues to expand and evolve, we are directly involved in our community through awareness events, fundraising, education, and networking with other animal welfare groups. Check in to see what we have going on right now!

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